Software Testing Group

Research Focus

Our study is focused on test case generation, software testing management, test automation and test application of compiler technology. In fact, most of our work is to develop testing tools according to test requirement from industry, and nearly all of our research work is based on our test infrastructure.?


Software testing is one of the most important ways to assure software quality. It is unusual to spend 30-40% of total project effort on testing, furthermore, for critical system the test cost can be several times the cost of all other activities combined. How to improve test efficiency and discover hidden bugs as much as possible are crucial, and it is the aim for every tester.

Our solution

Based on our past work, we present a test workflow framework as shown in Figure 1. All of our R&D work is under this framework, which includes test management, test execution platform/environment, quality evaluation, test cases generation based on source code analysis, domain knowledge, or some kinds of formal models, etc.


Figure 1. Research Framework

Industrial Study Background

JTT: It is a compiler optimization test tool, which support test automation of whole test process. With the JTT tool test cases can be generated, run and evaluated automatically. Test cases can be generated from a domain testing script or formal temporal logic model. The test tool is developed in parallel with a panasonic EC++ compiler development in which many optimizations are adopted. The test tool is used to test that EC++ compiler, and many bugs are found.