Software Process Modeling

Aiming at the effective predictability and stability, the Software Process Modeling group at iTechs proposes an Organization-Entity Capability based Software Process Modeling method. In this method, we define the Organization-Entity which has the certain resource abilities (such as definite goals, techniques, process knowledge, experiences, etc) as a Process-Agent. The Process-Agent can, driven by goals, actively and autonomously construct project software process to realize goals, and also appropriately allocate resources in the process.

In software process group, we now focus on the current topics:

  • Design of Process-Agent structure and mechanism
  • Automation of the creation of process agents
  • Software process resource modeling, allocation, and optimization
  • Software process simulation
  • Formal verification of software process

Team members

Faculty and Staff

Prof. Mingshu Li Prof. Qing Wang Prof. Yongji Wang Feng Yuan
Junchao Xiao Qiusong Yang Jian Zhai

Ph. D. Students

Hong Wu Hua Wan Jie Chen  

Master Students

Xin Dong Jialiang Dong Wuyuan Zhao Ke Li
Yang Su Miao Xie Xiaochen Chai  

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